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mobile website design – Time to go mobile

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mobile website design – Time to go mobile

Mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most common Web access devices worldwide in 2013. Mobile website design primer. So what does this mean anyway? Unless you’ve paid attention, it’s likely your website looks fine on a regular pc monitor, but is too small and a real pain to navigate on a phone. Worse still, it may not work at all. And you are missing out – BIG. Making your website mobile with a dedicated mobile website design means your site will detect they are browsing from a mobile device and serve them a version that will give them a better experience on their given device. Mobile screens are far smaller than your typical monitor and a different approach to design and layout is required. Mobile website design means keeping the most important content & functionality and presenting it in a manner that makes it easy to read and navigate even with one finger. In this case, less really can be more when planning your mobile website design. The best method is to create a responsive template that will adapt to a number of different sized devices to keep things looking great across the board. Another popular mobile website design method is to use a fixed size that will cover a large portion of your market, say mobile phones. This method works on averages and does not adapt to screen sizes, but is simpler and cheaper to setup. And lets face it, when just a few devices cover majority of the market, it makes sense to cover them first. Going on “less is more” within mobile website design, the whole point of a decent mobile design is to make it easy to use. This usually means you need to dispose a lot of unnecessary elements that leaves only the key “money making”  info. A good place to start is by asking what you want the customer to achieve on the phone and build your mobile website design plan around that. Some sacrifice will need to be made as the mobile screen simply doesn’t allow for the size and flexibility of a large monitor. The second and equally important consideration is the ability to complete taks on the phone with your fingers. For example filling a long application form on the phone is far more difficult than on a regular PC. With this in mind the form needs to be reduced or usability redesign to increase tha chances your mobile user will reach the finish line. Precisely because of this reason, some mobile website design concepts are a much better experience than the full version of the website. or ebay are good example. The full versions of the website are bloated and packed to the rafters. The simplified mobile versions still have the core functionality we use, without the clutter. Simple Mobile website design makes...

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