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Corporate Identity Design Sydney

Corporate Identity Design. Image with substance

Like people, companies are first judged by the way they look. The way they look is the corporate identity in action.

The right brand look says the right things, attracts more of the right people. It says what you do and who you are. A great brand adds value and profit. 

corporate identity service offered by Juuce Interactive

Juuce will help you refine your messages and visual materials. This will ensure that your branding matches the essence of your business. This in turn connects with your customers.

Working closely with you to create memorable, relevant branding materials to accurately communicate your core company values. To separate you from your competitors and give you an extra edge beyond price, product and service.

From new Identities, re-brands, style guides and presentation systems, we’ve got you covered.

What is a visual corporate identity?

A corporate identity is simply the visual system, rules,  visual devices and graphics that a company consistently uses to communicate and promote the brand.

Think about the last time you opened a product by Apple. Nicely packaged, well designed and the typical colourful imagery along with minimal type. Think what you like about Apple, but a lot of their success comes down to their marketing and consistent visual branding that is unmistakable. It would be fair to say just by seeing an ad by Apple, without seeing a logo, we’d know who it’s from. That’s because the’ve worked very hard to create and maintain a strong visual corporate identity system.

A little more about the history of corporate identity for the scholars.

Corporate Identity. How not to go about it.

We see it every day, from companies big and small. We see confusing messages, images, different typeface, conflicting colours, mixed language – the worst part about it is that it’s from the same company. Depending on the day and who’s working on the marketing material these companies will create ad hoc materials that vastly differ from the previous day. This results in an inconsistent visual message that will never create any solid identity or recognition.

Creating an epic corporate identity system.

We say “system” because a visual corporate identity is a combination of rules and communication materials along with visual and typographic elements. This all pulls together to form a corporate identity system. For large companies this system can be extensive. Not to say all corporate identities must be complex, but at a minimum you need standards on how materials are presented. This should include specific colour information, acceptable logo or trademark variations, typographic styles and rules. This generally all comes together in a written style guide or visual standards manual.

Maintaining a corporate identity is tricky but with an established corporate identity defines in a visual standards manual at least you have a hope!

Juuce Interactive can help with the following corporate identity-related solutions.

  • Logo Design

  • Layout design systems

  • Corporate Stationery Design

  • Corporate Identity Style Guides

  • Visual Standards Manual


Planning a company reBrand and not sure where to start? Book in a complimentary brand assessment with the Creative Director