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Get free Hosting for a year


How does it work?

For every customer you send to Juuce we’ll reward you with a year’s free hosting account on our blazing fast Sydney based servers. Setup included.

To be eligible for the deal, the person / company referred must become a paying customer within 3 months of the referral date.

We’ll notify you as soon as the referred contact becomes a paying customer. Just let us know when you’d like to start the hosting account.

Please read full terms here.

Get Started!

If you have one or more potential leads that you think we could help, please fill in the form below.
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Hosting Specification & Terms of Offer

  • Account disk quota limit: 1GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth limit: 5GB
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • max. email accounts: 5
  • max. databases: 1
  • max. subdomains: 1
  • max. parked domains: 1
  • cpanel access: active/free
  • A Juuce hosting uptime SLA is provided on signup

Client registration requirements:

  • Access to the current DNS records to repoint domain IP address; or
  • Access to the domain name registra to modify the primary and secondary DNS server

Clients with an existing website:

  • Current website must be a PHP/Mysql system with minimum versions
    • PHP version 5.3.x
    • Mysql verson 5.1
    • Apache 2.2
  • Current website must be a stand-alone website (Static HTML pages or a WordPress based website)
  • Current website must be hosted on a cPanel platform for direct migration of web and email data to take place

Terms and conditions:

These conditions are subject to review at any time by Juuce Interactive and describe the minimum requirements the client must meet in order to be eligible for the promotional package. Additional requirements by the client can be specified to Juuce and consideration can be made on a case-by-case basis. Juuce reserves the right to reject applications at their discretion.

The free hosting subscription is valid for a period of 12 months. One month prior to the expiry of this date an invoice will be auto-generated by Juuce for the next 12 months of hosting This will be the standard hosting costs ($40+gst/month) charged annually.

If the invoice is not paid by the end of the 12 month promotional period (i.e. 4 weeks from the issue date) Juuce reserves the right to suspend the hosting account and disable any access to the website and email accounts. Suspended accounts will stay on the server for a period of 1 month after which all data will be deleted from the server.

Website which require a dedicate IP address for SSL certificates will be charged $10/month for the IP address prior to the setup of the account. If a new SSL certificate is required this will require additional discussion and cost

Any additional work, outside the scope of this package, in migrating the site either to or from Juuces’ servers will be charged at $150+gst / hour. Additional site resources may be requested by the client and will be charged according to the standard rate for the resource. (ext GST)

  • $1 / month / Gigabyte of bandwidth
  • $10 / month / Gigabyte of disk space
  • $10 / month for a dedicate IP address
  • $5 / month / Mysql database
  • $5 / month / 5 email accounts

Clients may decide to move to a more suitable hosting package with Juuce throughout the free period or following the 12 month period. The difference in monthly cost between packages will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the 12 month term.

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