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Brochure Design

Why consider Brochure design? While there is no denying digital media is moving at a rapid pace, the prediction that “print is dead” is still a long way of the mark.

brochure design example

A professionally executed brochure design still has it’s place in the marketing mix of materials. A personally mailed brochure design, professional brochure designs handed out at trade-shows, or let prospects walk away with one after you meet.

There are simply scenarios where a brochure works better than any app or website given it’s something you can touch and browse through with no batteries required.

A good brochure relevant to your prospects lead will rarely get thrown in the bi right away. If executed and printed well, it can stay on the shelf of customers for years.

Needless to say, a well printed brochure is not cheap , which is why it is important to get it right.

Juuce can help you plan, design and produce your next company brochure, capability brochure or annual report. As with any company marketing materials the content, language, image style and layout design needs to fit with your company branding. At Juuce we are not here to simply assemble the brochure but to help you with the planning, image selection and copywriting and print production if needed. Printing any complex can be tricky.  Colour managements, paper stocks, finished and print setup of the output documents. You can site back and relax. Juuce makes sure the printed outcome meets your expectations as we manage the print process and have the final product delivered to your office.

Talk to Juuce today to make your next brochure design project epic!

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