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Character Design

character design in corporate identity

Many great brands and identities are based on a character design.

Sonic the hedgehog, Coco the monkey, the M&M, the Bud-Ice penguin, the Bundy-Rum Bear, The cornflakes rooster, The Energizer Bunny, KFC – Colonel Sanders (a real guy but made into a character design!), Mc Donald’s – Ronald and Grimace (what exactly is Grimace anyway?)…. There are thousands of character designs out there. You can see more of them here.

Why have a character in your identity design?

First off, characters are fun and for the right market they can add a lot of flexibility in the way you can use them. When most anther people are looking professional with their “clean and minimal” logos you can stand out with a great character design that will lift your brand.

Characters are flexible.

The can; lean on your logo, lift it, stand on it, hide behind it… you get the picture. And if your brand is well recognised, the character design can stand on it’s own without your company name attached.

Illustrated Characters can also be animated in videos which can make a welcome replacement over a dull sales person in a suit!

Character design options and suitability.

Every business has it’s own personality style and your character will have to reflect that. Also the style of the design itself will convey a particular personality for your business. Character designs can be; simple-from just a few minimal lines, they can be simplified to almost an icon design right through to a highly detail 3d character design like you see in the movies.

Typically the simple characters work best for company branding and corporate identite as they are very flexible to use on print and digital marketing materials.

Character Design examples by Juuce:

Below we have several examples of characters we have designed over the years. This typically starts with a brief from the client if they have any specific ideas for the character illustration. Sometimes there isn’t a specific brief, only a description like “fun” or playful.

Rough sketches of the character design will follow to explore the options quickly. This is done quickly with a pen or pencil. Using computer software at this stage will really slow things down. It will also suck the personality out of your sketches – so pick up your pencil and put done the mouse!

termite pest control character design - "woody" character design sketches 3D Character Brand design ARTC character designs used on company stationery

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