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Retail Illustrations – Four Seasons Window Graphics

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by in Featured Design Projects, Graphic Design, Identity & Branding | 0 comments


Four stunning retail window retail illustrations of epic proportions and detail! Juuce was commission by Fairfax & Roberts, Martin Place to produce these illustrations to adorn their 4-meter CBD windows.

The illustrations depict Vivaldi’s four seasons with a view through to each season. With the Christmas season coming fast it was refreshing to produce something that isn’t plastered with advertising messages. Essentially a brand building exercise to support Fairfax & Roberts’ reputation for beautiful artistic Jewellery.

Each illustration file exceeds a massive 4GB in data and uses around 50 photographs in each retail illustration design. The classic illustration themes are classy and simply nice to look at.

Retail illustration window display design -SPRING Retail illustration window display design -summer Retail illustration window display design - Autumn Retail illustration window display design - Winter composition

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