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Novotel Advertising Illustration

Posted on May 24, 2013 by in All Design Work, Featured Design Projects, Graphic Design | 0 comments

Juuce designed this whacky Advertising Illustration for Novotel’s Brighton beach resort. The aim was to highlight the Winter Wonderland campaign to book conferences at their venues. The campaign was ultimately rolled out on the web, e-mail marketing, 3rd party website partners and social media.

The Advertising Illustration is a combination of over 50 images as well as some custom rendered surfaces. All together the complex digital illustration brings an exciting atmosphere to the promotion. Custom digital illustration can bring some sparkle to specials or offers that would appear mundane with regular photos.

Advertising illustration is not new, but for quite a long time layouts and advertising have been flooded by cheap stock photos and simple type. Not that this is necessarily bad, but it does get a bit mundane, especially when you keep seeing the same images. The market is price driven and seems to be getting more that way. It’s refreshing when a client has the budget for a unique custom Advertising illustration to make the promotional a standout.

In this particular illustration, Novotel wanted to get across the fact that there is a whole world of activities at their resorts. A custom illustration is perfectly suited to the task as you can use exaggerated techniques to get the point across.




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