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Original Threads – ecommerce website design

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 by in All Design Work, Website Design | 0 comments

Juuce designed this and developed this ecommerce website design specifically for bulk & wholesale ordering or t-shorts and garments to retailer.

Unlike typical retail ecommerce website design scenarios, the original threads e-commerce store needed to cater to the bulk buying customer. The controls and user interface specifically make complex ordering simple.

Ordering multiple sizes and colours of one garment all at once in a regular online clothing store would be very labor intensive. The no-nonsense visual web design eludes to the functional purpose of the ecommerce website design. Back-end functionality allows different discount setup for wholesale scenarios as well as bul purchase discounting and much more…

ecommerce website design

Good ecommerce website design sin’t simply attaching a shopping cart and hoping for the best. Juuce has paid special attention to the way this particular buyer sector purchase bulk clothing and what tools would make the job easier for them.

Given these purchases are more of a business activity and less about enjoyment, typical retail promotions and clutter have been removed from the interface design, leaving the focus on the actual garments and ordering tools.

The website design process began with compiling a list of functional requirements, then drawn into wireframes and a sitemap. The approved specification was then sent to the designers for appropriate website design concepts that would achieve the utilitarian nature of the ecommerce website design.

Systematically, only functional, action orientated elements of the user interface design have been highlighted in the key yellow colour with other element receding back. Similarly the store wants to portray excellent value for money so a luxurious visual path was dropped for this simple and minimal website template design.

Realtime online payment have been implemented through the papal gateway service for convince as well as keeping traditional payment options for flexibility for wholesale customers.

Returning customers can login to view current order status, transaction history and manage their profile.

original threads clothing store ecommerce website design

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