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Re-branding – Financial Advisors Milyar

Posted on Feb 8, 2018 by in Featured Design Projects, Identity & Branding, Website Design | 0 comments

Financial Advisors Milyar commissioned Juuce to work on a comprehensive re-brand and advertising design campaign. Director Alan Khoudair’s own pragmatic and honest approach to financial advice was the cornerstone of the campaign.


Milyar’s focus is creating a situation where life can be enjoyed through proper financial management. The resulting visual identity and branding focus strongly on family, friends, good times and the things we savour in life. This direction is the focal point over just a more significant bank account.

The resulting creative struck a warm, personal chord and gained interested in regular working people and families involved in getting their finances to ‘create the life they deserve’.






The Milyar website featured warm images and appealing video depicting life’s enjoyable moments. Outlining critical steps to financial independence and mainly serving as a lead generator.



The substantial campaign stretched over core identity redesign, marketing materials, website redesign and the production of two television commercials in collaboration with Orange TV aired on Channel 7

Milyar’s TV commercials featured a combination of location-shot footage, relevant imagery and a presenter covering Milyar’s key points of difference. The TV commercial campaign aired on Channel 7 was targeting typical working families looking for guidance on financial independence.



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