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Retail Window Illustration

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 by in Featured Design Projects, Graphic Design, Identity & Branding | 0 comments

Four stunning retail window illustration of epic proportions and detail! Juuce was commission by Fairfax & Roberts, Martin Place to produce these illustration to adorn their 4-meter CBD windows. Four characters in total spanning strength, eloquence, mystery and playfulness cover the traits of the themes. The backgrounds are rich with detail and patterned decorations. Each images contain upt to 50 photographs and a lot of hand-painted sections and details.



Contrasting typically commercial stock photo based adverting (yawn!) these characters really give something to look at. Fairfax & Roberts were not interested in simply screaming the latest discount, but overall communicating the brand. Jewellery is beautiful and a fantasy. It’s as unique and individual as we are. These retail character illustrations help communicate that and also, if only for a split second, pull the passer-by out of reality.


Let’s not forget that many purchases like Jewellery or other luxury items are emotional purchases where login and savings don’t always play a big part. Marketers of most retail window designs seem to forget that.

Retail window character illustrations




Even at maximum zoom, every detail is crisp and clean. For extra realism, the standing wolf’s hair was painted in with a Wacom tablet.

the_enchanted_850 the_majestic_850  the_spirited_850



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