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The Generator – Sydney Art Zone

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Brochure design layout designer

The Generator project

This submission was a group collaboration prepared for Sydney Arts Zone as a non-conforming Tender response to the UrbanGrowth NSW Request for Proposals for the development of the White Bay Power Station precinct. Juuce has been involved in designing the overall presentation, branding design, printed submission layout, website design and development and video clip 3d animation.

The Generator will be a World First with its dynamic architecture that is spontaneous and self-configuring. It will be a centre for spatial exploration, production and display of technologies and media ecologies through artistic expression. It will be a place that will stimulate creativity in multiple forms and place Sydney front and centre on the global innovation stage. The Generator will be innovation manifest, a necessary place for contact and interaction between innovators, and local and global communities.

It will be an opportunity to be ‘in’ the innovation, to be part of ongoing change and to witness history and to tell its stories. It is envisaged that The Generator would take the form of a village, approximately 3 Ha adjacent to the White Bay Power Station, space within the old Switch House building and access to the Turbine Hall and Public Spaces around the Power Station.

The Generator is a place at the heart of The Bays, adjacent to and partly inside the White Bay Power Station. It is a zone comprising ongoing exploration of the arts, media and technology through production, performance and display.

The full website available at


The Book


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The Website

The full website available at

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The Video Clip

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White Bay Powerstation Photo Essay – By George Ihring

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