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One Metre Sausage Poster

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 by in All Design Work, Graphic Design | 0 comments


The One Metre Sausage poster was a specialty illustration  created for Tommy’s Beer Cafe. In order to announce the arrival of the One Metre sausage to the main menu , Tommy asked for a monumental poster to mark the occasion. With such a subject the poster doesn’t take itself too seriously at all. The final scene is finished off with some classic typography which all give a bit of a metropolis look & feel.

The scene is set at a museum look-alike room with a grand scale to accommodate the monster sausage. Little details like the little dog jumping at the sausage help set the grand scale of the scene.

This poster was designed and modelled in 3D and final touched in Photoshop.

FYI the one meter Sausage is still available!

poster_design_typography_sausageposter_design_typography_sausage4 poster_design_typography_sausage3

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