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What is a re-brand anyway?

A quality re-branding program is simply about clear focused communication. Getting to the core of things that make your company tick. Then building a brand framework that communicates those ideas efficiently and consistently through all business materials. That’s pretty much it.

Juuce Creative, Helping businesses suffering from bland brand since 1999.

bad brand strategy

How did things get so bad?

So your brand has let itself go. Badly dressed, carrying more weight around the mid section and a few crumbs that need brushing off. Without proper strategy and execution, branding and communication can quite quickly get our of hand and leave your brand looking like it was dressed from a clothing bin. Lack of clarity, arbitrary tweaking and lack of consistency are the typical culprits.


branding complexity

Simplicity outsells complexity.

Many people believe branding, and re-branding, is a process of adding layers. Inflating everything with rules and brand bibles. But a successful re-brand is actually about reducing. Getting back to the essence of what you do well.

Extracting a message that’s clear and specific. Cutting clutter so your ideal customer finds you in an ocean of marketing noise.


re branding for a competitive edge

Why bother? A sharper more competitive edge.

In many sectors a stronger brand is all that separates businesses with me-too offerings. It’s the brand that wins and keeps customers loyal. It is the competitive edge. A re-brand could see your business leapfrog your direct competitors and lead your sector. It more than pays for itself, reducing wasted marketing spend and sales effort helping you win more, better quality business more easily.


 re branding to get noticed



Juuce gives your brand a bigger soapbox.

Business is often about standing on a soapbox and talking yourself up. And most people naturally don’t sell themselves that well. At Juuce we love the soapbox and make sure you look good and sound good so the right crowd hears you. In short we build you a bigger and better soapbox.


Do you actually need a re-brand?

If answer yes to any of the below a re-brand could help your business prosper.

  1. Do you have competition with an identical product or service, yet they always look superior ?
  2. Are your communications a bit random, lacking direction and visual consistency?
  3. Embarrassed about potential
customers checking out your website or other marketing materials?
  4. Do you stumble to clearly describe what you do and what your company stands for? ( Go on try it in one sentence)
  5. Do you struggle to find concise compelling real reasons for customers to choose you over the competition?


Does your business suffer from Bland-Brand?

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