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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation secrets. There are no secrets.

While we are talking search engines and Search Engine Optimisation, let’s be honest – we are talking about google.
A short re-cap on how google took over the world.? A Time before google & Search Engine Optimisation – back in the day when the internet started. Many of you may recall pre 1998 (pre google) we used Altavista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Northern Light, Ozemail here in “OZ” and a few others. You’ll remember these were busy pages, crammed with “action” busting with buttons, tickers ads and just about anything else that could make revenue. They were exciting, but the business kind of wore off and we only went there to search.

Then Google Came along and crashed the party. How exactly did they achieve world domination? Their page had one logo, one search box and one button and nothing more. They provided faster and more relevant search results than any other search engine of the time, and they still do that today. That led to people willing to pay for ads, and the rest is history.

Having said all that, how does this relate to the secret of SEO? The day you won’t find relevant results on google is the day the’ll start to lose market share and eventually disappear. We all want answers and want them quickly – so as far as search engine optimisation goes; all google wants to do is present relevant content for a given search phrase. Do you think they are about to let that go?

No, they won’t.

What this means for you and us (the mere mortals who’s businesses rely on the search engine) is that no tricks, hacks or workaround are a long term strategy. If you do use SEO spam and hacks, it’s just a matter of time that google will catch on to you. When that happens you will disappear from the internet.

The best Search Engine Optimisation results will be attained ethically by keeping your websites clear, well coded & structured. Enough content on your subject is paramount for Search Engine Optimisation as more volume on a subject will make your site an authority in the eyes of search engines.

There are of course particular legal structures, research and setups that work better than others. Knowing how the search engines work would give you a completely different approach to setting up, building and maintaining a website. The name of the game is playing by the rules.

Juuce can help you with the following Search Engine Optimisation related services:

  • Website ranking analysis

  • Website Traffic analysis

  • Search Engine Optimisation site analysis to locate potential problems & roadblocks in your current website

  • Search Engine Optimisation website planning

  • Keywords planning and analysis for Search Engine Optimisation purposes

Take any activity where an increase in performance is necessary – you have to know how you are currently doing.


Website ranking analysis:

In order to know where you stand, we can conduct a full analysis for your current search engine standings for your targeted keywords across major search engines. That way you know where you are and we can continue to track the progression of your site rankings overall for many keywords simultaneously. Once you know where you’re at, making marketing decisions is easier.



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