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How we Work

Juuce produces tailor-made, custom-fit work in all services we provide. No pre-packaged, just add water, one-size fits all. While all job types will have their own specific process, they all fall roughly into the following sequence.

  1. Discover / Research
  2. Plan
  3. Creative Concepts
  4. Production / Build
  5. Review / Test
  6. Launch
  7. Results Testing & Review

Design Research:

One of the reasons Juuce produces great design solutions is the research component of a job. Looking deeper into client operations, their clients, competitor and customers are the basis of a quality design brief and result. Often people will see a seemingly simple result, be don’t see the hidden work backing up a successful image or campaign. The work done in this area will vary on the project and what the budget allows.

Design Planning:

Every job needs a clear roadmap.  Based on the research done in the first phase we’ll now know more about what is important about your company / products and what are the important aspects that are critical to communicate in the design project. Knowing more about the target customers will help decide on the style of the creative and the tone of the written content. Making arbitrary choices on design and colour made on personal preference are a recipe for disaster. The choice should be about a design that achieves the aims, not about personal preference for pink. This process is just as applicable if the project is a logo or an expansive website. Every job needs a plan.

Creative Conceptualisation:

Having a specific brief and direction in hand, now come the fun part – conceptualisation. Some people call it brainstorming, spit-balling,   getting creative … It’s a time to explore ideas that fit the brief. Every good graphic design campaign has a strong concept otherwise its just pretty design without a real agenda. The best ads and campaign designs will have a concept that closely links the breif and and creative making any related marketing material a lot stronger. These can take place as sketches, written ideas, photo montages .. whatever works to get the idea across. At Juuce we love to engage our clients as soon as possible to get them part of the process.

Design / Production:

Having now spent enough time exploring ideas and sketching ideas on the back of a coffee-stained napkin, time to get concrete.

After sharing initial ideas with the client, we have a good idea about what sort of direction will be suitable. Specific design solutions are now produced and presented in a number of variations. There is always more than one way to communicate a brief which is why we generally present 2-3. Choice is good, but too much choice can be crippling.

Choices made, tick. Now we build it according to plan. As the saying goes, nothing ever goes to plan and this is probably true! However with out any plan there is guaranteed chaos! During the course of any project there are revisions on the initial plan because often you only truly see what you are doing when actually doing it.


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Why countless clients choose Juuce.

Choosing the right design partner for your business is not an easy task.
Here are a few really excellent reasons to work with Juuce

Real Talent. Really Local.

While the rest are outsourcing, we make it right here in Sydney. Faster communication, better suitability for your market & more control. Local is better for your business. Want to meet for a coffee No problem, we are just around the corner.

The full package. Not just a pretty face.

Juuce can help with planning, creative and the technical work to get your project up and running all under one roof. For you this means less time juggling a myriad of suppliers and more time to do what matters. Focusing on business.

The value of experience. Priceless.

Juuce founders has been providing web & design solutions since 1996. That’s before you could search for anything on Google. Since then, we’ve been involved with web & design technology and market evolution. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you.

Real Custom Innovation.

In today’s competitive landscape, the last thing your business needs is another cookie cutter solution. For true custom jobs Juuce employs experience, creativity and solid tech to set you apart from the “me too” crowd out there for a distinct advantage.

You need it done. Yesterday

You have a deadline, in fact it’s passed and you need it done fast. The pace of the world is speeding up and that’s not changing any time soon. Juuce has the experience and in-house skills to get your job done. Fast. We can start right now if you like.

Great Work. GreatValue.

With Juuce, you’ll get more than you pay for . Purchasing the cheapest rarely get’s you a quality service. Juuce does however provide big-agency experience and skills at the fraction of the cost.

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