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PHP Developer

How does a website process information? Web designers make sites look great and web developers make them useful.

Juuce focuses on the scripting language PHP for its core development language. For over 12 years we have custom coded, updated and modified systems which were driven by this universally popular code. Along with it’s popularity there is a huge range of open source content management systems written using PHP and the Mysql database engine which allows Juuce to leverage our experience and provide customers with a unique solution.

Developers at Juuce have the ability to combine experience with current best practices and use a combination of tools and techniques to get the job done be it integration of new components, updating an existing website or designing a completely new system for your business.

Juuce is not limited to PHP development and  has also worked with Java, ASP.NET and other server side scripting languages. Front end development cannot be left alone either with Javascript being the language and JQuery being our library of choice.


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