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Responsive web design

As more and more users are going mobile your web presence needs to correctly represent your business. With todays high speed / low tolerance users you can’t afford to lag and have a site which can only be viewed with a microscope on a mobile device.

Responsive web design is a hot topic these days and if you have a central point of information for your customers then why not provide a customised experience in each device be it a smart phone, tablet or notebook. Juuce can incorporate mobile web design into your existing site(s) or help design and develop a completely new and responsive website which looks great on all mobile devices.

The ‘Responsive’ term basically means that the visual display ‘responds’ to the dimensions of the device and shows a layout appropriate for that screen. Images retract and stretch according to the sizes available and different layouts are used to enhance the user experience across multiple devices. When Juuce designs a new website theme or template we take into consideration the differing mediums currently available (smart phones, tablets, ultra thin notebooks etc) and create a functional and visually compelling solution based on these principles.

Mobile web design is not only a hot topic, it’s here to stay so why not take the first step and give us a call to see how we can help you.

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