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wordpress web designJuuce has been involved with WordPress Web Design since 2004, shortly after it first release. This means we are intimately familiar with every aspect of WordPress, from it’s inner workings through to styling customisation and functionality extensions.

Being a useful free and open source platform for publishing information to the web it became popular very quickly. Before this, most people would have to ask their web designer to update information on the website which is a tedious task at best if done regularly.

Since then WordPress has become the World most popular blogging / publishing tool with some 70 million website running the system.

Among the reasons the WordPress platform is so popular is the ease of getting up and running online with a standard set of features. Also the extreme flexibility of WordPress allows it to adapt to many purposes and website types. The extensive community surrounding the platform also develops many add-ons and plugins that give you an almost unlimited combination of functionality.

WordPress as a framework is free, but it is a fairly bland package out of the box. Setting up the system with the correct configuration and functionality can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the system.

Much of our WordPress Web Design jobs are based on customers liking the WordPress platform but needing a custom design and theme for the interface. What it looks like, after all, is what set you apart from the other 60 million using the platform. What a lot of users don’t realise is that on the front-end your website can look appear anyway you want. Keeping the cool functionality of WordPress combined with a great custom design is what we do.

 Juuce can help you with any or all the following aspect of WordPress web design and development:

  • WordPress Installation & configuration

  • WordPress design template customisation

  • Complete custom designs implemented into the WordPress framework

  • WordPress Functionality customisation

  • WordPress Plug-in development and installation

One of the main reasons why we like working with WordPress is that the system covers most of the basic website functionality requirements, and we can focus on the stuff that matters; strategy, design and quality content.

 Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your new WordPress website design.

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